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Hydrant box function is to maintain the life of fire extinguishers for durability. Especially for outdoor hydrant box because of the influence of climate and weather. Tools such as the nozzle and hydrant valve is generally made of steel, when exposed to rain water that is electrolyte then over time the material is oxidized by oxygen, leading to corrosion. Corrosion is very dangerous because it can damage the material lead to decreased function of the tool. Hot weather can be bad for fire hoses were commonly made of synthetic rubber. If the equipment is allowed to be outdoors constantly then within a month necessary tool changes. Therefore, the use of hydrant box is very helpful to protect fire extinguishers from extreme weather. In conclusion, hydrant box serves to reduce expenditure on replacement of the tool because it can extend the life of fire extinguishers.

IProduksi Various Box .... (Showcase/Safety Cabinets)

uk. 180 x 130 x 60 powder Paint Coating Plate material

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