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Box Fire Extinguisher
Box Fire Extinguisher
Box Fire Extinguisher
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Specification of Box Fire Extinguisher

Box extinguisher is a place to put extinguishers in the building, usually red and diletekkan in strategic places such as hotel lobbies, office building, near the entrance, near the elevator and the area that is easily visible and easily accessible by people around during a fire accident , The size of a fire extinguisher box adjust from portable tube is used, the greater the tube of fire extinguishers, then measure the dimensions of a fire extinguisher box mounted Juka will be even greater. The function of this box in addition to the protection of fire extinguishers, as well as a marker of artistic merit that the place has been protected with extinguishers. So, if at any time there is a fire at the site to extinguish the fire, the action will be done quickly.

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