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Firefighting Tool Box
Firefighting Tool Box
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05 Feb 2020
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Specification of

Box Hydrant

Fire extinguishers are a very important tool and armaments by the fire brigade (firefighters) would place a fire extinguisher storage needs attention is not placed in any place of origin. To put this fire extinguisher box fire extinguishers required. Box of fire extinguishers is a tool that is made by a manufacturer in the field of fire hydrant equipment to keep a fire extinguisher (fire extinguisher) stored properly and ready for use when needed to fight fires.

Benefits fire extinguisher box is very helpful for firefighters (fire brigade) to prepare fire-fighting equipment and rejuvenate find the location of fire-fighting equipment. Besides the already mentioned fire extinguisher box makes the space more tidy and beautiful views.

Fire extinguisher box has two types of fire extinguishers hydrant box type C (outdoor) and fire extinguisher box / APAR (indoor). Fire extinguisher box / APAR (indoor) used to put or are putting the equipment / fire extinguisher / fire, ponds room becomes more beautiful, but it makes it easy to locate a fire extinguisher. As for the fire extinguisher hydrant box type C (outdoor) use the room is open to store fire hose (fire hose), noozle, fire hose coupling.


- Plat 1.2 Mm
- Powder Coating
- Glass + Key
- For Uk Powder Fire Tube 1-9Kg
- For Co2 Tube Uk 2.3 to 6.8 K

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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